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With Friends

Hungry for an unforgettable day out? 

Eager to discover a spectacular new sport?

Champing at the bit for an exciting afternoon’s entertainment with friends?

Come to the races and let yourself be charmed by the incredible atmosphere that envelops all of our 12 racedays!


A Girls' Day Out is the perfect way for you and more friends to spend more time together.  If you can't get together during the week often enough, perhaps due to work or family commitments, and a night out or a meal out has to be planned months in advance, why not organise a girls' day out at the Hawke's Bay Races? 

A day at the races is the ideal way for you to celebrate.  Hen weekends and birthdays, or leaving parties for colleagues can be made even more memorable when you organise a day at the races.   

If you're looking for something exciting to do during a weekend away with the girls, then you'll want to make sure that you check out what Hawke's Bay Racing has to offer.  If you're fed up of spending a fortune going to concerts or don't enjoy spa weekends, or can't afford a shopping trip to buy designer clothes, then a day at the races is highly recommended.

As adult tickets are often available for free, a day at the races offers incredible value for money, and doesn't have to cost the earth.  Costing much less than a restaurant meal, or a night out, going to the races is ideal if you and your friends are on a budget too.  With a bit of luck, you might even back a winner or two as well, and so make your day out pay for itself!

A day at the races is a well deserved reason for to you to get your glad rags on.  Dedicated Ladies' Days are always popular for girls' days out, and are the place to see and be seen.

Even if you're New To Racing, or don't know one end of a horse from the other, the helpful new to racing section of our website provides everything you need to know, so that you can concentrate on the racing.


Lad's Days Out are a fantastic opportunity for you to spend time with your friends.  Perhaps you work during the week, or work shifts, or long hours, and can't always meet up for drink after work sometimes, or a meal out at weekends.  Why not make the effort to book a day at the Hawke's Bay Races and enjoy a great lad's day out?

Special occasions such as birthdays, stag weekends or celebrating other events are perfect reasons to enjoy a day at the Hawke's Bay Races with your friends.  You might be looking for somewhere to celebrate your best friend's stag night, or want to plan a surprise birthday party for a colleague.

A day at the races is a fun day out if you're having a weekend away with your friends, or are going to be away on business, and will have some free time.  As well as attending concerts and football matches, why not make sure that you experience some of the most exciting festivals of the horse racing year by coming to our Spring Racing Carnival, Twilight Christmas at the Races, New Years Day Races or our Mid-Winter Christmas at the Races.

Offering fantastic value for money as well as the opportunity to be booted and suited, you don't have to know a lot about racing to have a great day at the races, and who knows, you might even back a winner.


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