2021 EVENT

Caroline Meo Bayleys Fashion in the Field

The Caroline Meo Bayleys Fashion in the Field is back for 2021! We can't wait to see you on-course on Saturday 16 October!

Get to know our Judges for 2021

Katie O'Neill

Katie is well known in New Zealand and Australia for her incredible style and attention to details in her phenomenal race day ensembles. The Mum of four girls, dairy farmer and keen equestrian is as at home on a horse as she is on the fashion stage. As the Winner of the Prix de Fashion 2020 (the national race wear title), she is one of the judges for the Caroline Meo Bayleys Fashion in the Field 2021.

Fashion Categories

The Cosmetic Clinic Napier Avant-Garde / Designer
This ultra-creative category entry must have been designed and created by you and not manufactured and purchased off the rack! Stand out from the crowd with your own design on our runway.
Spex Eyewear Headwear
Let us see your take on this season's trends styled for the races. This category is always eye-catching and unique. Judges will be awarding extra credit for flair, concept of design, creativity and originality!
Thomson Suits Men's Race Wear
Gents, it is time to take the spotlight. With a stylish suit, groovy tie, a dash of colour via your pocket square perhaps, throw in a whole lot of personality and you might be just what the judges ordered!
Adashiko Ladies Race Wear
This category is renowned by one and all for its style, timeless elegance and classic racewear suitable for the 2021 Spring Carnival season.
Vivo Salon and Clinic Art Deco Wear
This category is a recently new and fun addition to the Fashion in the Field. Contestants both men and women have the opportunity to put an Art Deco era outfit together in your own style and design.
Caroline Meo Bayleys Overall Winner
Our overall winner will be selected from all the category winners.